How is energy efficiency rated in the UK ?

In the United Kingdom, a government regulated system measures energy efficiency. Energy efficient buildings and technologies reduce energy usage and fuel costs. They improve comfort and health while reducing environmental impact. As the science of energy efficiency progresses, the items and activities of everyday life are carefully examined for ways that they can improved. Standard windows have been known to lose as much as 26 percent of the heat within domestic buildings, according to data from the Glass and Glazing Federation. Improving the windows’ energy efficiency ratings can dramatically improve that of the building overall. This is where A rated glass comes in. The British Fenestration Rating Council issued an easily understandable grading scale of ‘A’ to ‘E’ to rank Window Energy Ratings; similar to the system used on large home appliances such as freezers and washing machines, Window Energy Ratings mark ‘E’ for low energy efficiency and ‘A+’ for the highest energy efficiency.

 How does the glass in energy saving windows work ?

Energy efficient glasses such as the glass used by ourselves use numerous techniques to achieve the higher Window Energy Rating at reasonable prices. Argon gas filling the space between glass panels reduces temperature transferring between the exterior and interior while remaining colourless, odourless, and non-toxic; this maintains safety and visibility while U values are lowered. Both condensation and the cost of heating and cooling are reduced. Warm edge spacers are the bars between the glass panels that maintain a warm sealed area and aid in reducing heat loss. Coatings on the interior glass panel allow heat to pass through one way, from the natural sunlight outdoors, while blocking it from draining out of the building. Together, these techniques provide high Window Energy Ratings to the windows at low costs. Thus, the ‘A’ rated glass can be provided economically. This insulation contributes to cooler summers and warmer winters while actually lowering fuel costs that you get with standard windows. The improved sealing along the edges reduces condensation at windows which decreases mould contamination and other moisture problems. Overall, you get a healthier, cleaner, more comfortable, more affordable home which is sure to please your wallet, family, or prospective buyers. If you would like more information on our energy saving windows, available throughout Essex Call us on 01708 227777