Cutting-Edge House Extensions

House extensions have the potential to transform your home completely. They can change the look and style of the property. Considering this, it is crucial that your new addition performs above and beyond in terms of quality and design.

With the modern features offered by our extensions, it’s never been easier for you to enhance your home. Unrivalled thermal efficiency, security, durability, appearance and performance are just a handful of the benefits they offer.

Our house extensions are designed, manufactured and installed with the utmost precision. NASA satellite data is even used to ensure that the structure can easily withstand the weather conditions of your local area.

A Range of House Extensions Features

We want to make it easy for you to create an extension that feels as cosy and homely as the rest of the house. That is why we offer a wide range of decorative and practical features. You can choose from super insulated columns, performance glass roofs, uPVC or aluminium roofing, insulated internal pelmets, and multiple window and door options. With such an array of possibilities to choose from, you will surely be able to create a new, stylish room that complements the rest of the home effortlessly.

A Choice of Styles and Shapes

We know that creating the perfect fit for your home requires a good degree of flexibility. We offer house extensions in a range of styles and shapes for you to choose from. The options include double hipped with a box gutter, lean-to, Georgian, and gable designs. Each one of these styles offers its own charm, so get in touch with our friendly team to find out which one will best suit your home and needs. For example, a lean-to is ideal for a smaller house. Whatever you need, we’re happy to help!

Modern House Extensions Manufacturing Techniques

The house extensions that we offer have been manufactured using NASA satellite data. This use of cutting edge technology means that they are tailored to suit the wind and snow loads in your postcode area. Coupled with their premium grade materials and professional installation, this means that our house extensions will stay warm, comfortable and pleasant living spaces in all conditions. You’ll be able to enjoy your new addition all year round, no matter what the weather has planned!

Competitive Prices

We believe that everyone should be able to benefit from high quality, long-lasting home improvements. To make sure that this is the case, we price our products highly competitively. With our affordable costs, there’s one less obstacle between you and your perfect home.

Thermally Efficient House Extensions

The house extensions that we install operate to building regulation standards of thermal efficiency. This high level means that the warmth made by your central heating will stay in your property for longer. This effect is enhanced through super insulated columns, which are five times more thermally efficient than a brick equivalent. They can even be finished in a fluted style, creating an Italian Renaissance look for a classic twist. We can also add a pelmet or performance glass to further efficiency.

House Extensions Upgrades

Our bespoke design options will help you capture something that truly strikes a chord with your tastes. You can choose from a wide range of house extensions colours to create a personal, unique design. Alongside this, you can opt for a wider insulated perimeter pelmet to house more lights and more speaker options. We offer four decorative cornices to help keep your external roofline looking neat and tidy. You can also opt for a central lighting panel to help you create the right lighting for your new room.

Professionally Installed House Extensions

With our house extensions, you won’t have to worry about planning permission or building regulations getting in the way of your installation. All of the designs that we offer are built in full compliance with both, ensuring you benefit from the highest quality products and total peace of mind. When fitting your new addition, we will use our comprehensive, five-step process. This tried and tested system enables us to create a stunning, quality build in a way that is quick, easy and shows total respect for your home.

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