Tiled Roof Conservatory

Adding a conservatory to any house comes with its numerous advantages, such as extra space, increased light and air flow, but many homeowners aren’t using them to their full potential. The problem often comes down to seasonality, as conservatories can be too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, and with the UK’s famously unpredictable weather, this can also be a deal breaker for those looking to extend their properties and can result in the conservatory being unused.

By replacing your existing roof with a solid conservatory roof you can instantly transform you unused conservatory into a year round usable room. In addition to this solid conservatory roof replacements also offer the following benefits;

1) Thermal Efficiency

They are extremely thermal efficient with a U value of 0.16U which is fifteen times more thermally efficient than 16mm polycarbonate or conservatory roof glass used for conservatory that were installed some years ago helping you to save money on your heating bills

2) Building Control Compliant

By removing the glazing from your roof and replacing it with a solid panels or tiles the building is no longer classed as a conservatory and therefore requires building regulations. The good news is is the solid roof systems are all fully compliant with building control meaning that all that is required is a simple application form before the work starts and a visit from an inspector once completed.

3) Cost Effective

A brick built, flat roof extension can not only be very disruptive and take months to complete but they can also be proved to be very costly. By converting and making us of your existing conservatory you can achieve the same outcome for a fraction of the cost!

4) Add value to your property

By replacing your conservatory roof and turning your disused room into a new glazed extension that can be used year round you can potentially increase the value of your home and therefore recuperate the cost of the work.

5) Improved Acoustics

The added insulation not only keeps the temperature more consistent, it also improves the acoustics by keeping unwanted noise out so whatever the weather you will still have peace and quite in your new glazed extension