Five reasons to upgrade to double glazing

Five Top Tips When Getting a Double Glazing Quote

With so many variations of double glazed windows on the market it is important to have a clear understanding of what you want your new windows to achieve and which style and type best suit your requirements prior to shopping around for quotes

1. Increased Security Like many things, technology has advanced and improved double glazing options.Models over 15 years old will most likely be fitted with a two-point locking system, meaning if the latch is compromised it’s easy to gain entry to your home, and will be externally glazed, meaning if someone pops the glass from outside then you’re in trouble. The Ken Rhodes Group modern double glazing designs now have a 12 point lock system, UPVC window for additional strength and will be installed with external glazing, providing additional safety and security for your home and belongings. The house in the street with shiny new windows will present more of a struggle to gain entry to and will deter any potential break-ins.

2. Double glazed, money saved -The Ken Rhodes Group only install A+ rated windows that offer the best energy efficiency currently on offer, with virtually no heat loss. Older frames are far less effective at insulating your home, but with better-rated panes, there will be less need to have the heating on, and when it is, for far less time, which will help reduce your annual energy bill and your carbon footprint.

3. Regain access to your home -For many who installed a conservatory at the back of their house many years ago, they can find access to the room very restricted. This is because of poor glass temperature control making it ice-like in the winter and scorching and uncomfortable in the summer. What many may not realise is that replacing the glass of the walls and the roof with contemporary double glazing will fix this, giving you back access to your home, and for a quarter of the price of a new renovation. The Ken Rhodes Group specialises in window, door and conservatory glass fitting.

4. Increase your property valueIf you’re looking to sell your home replacing the windows can be a great way to give it that added little boost you need. It will add to your curb appeal, cleaning up a drab exterior and with plenty of options on styles and frames, you can tailor and customise it any way you want. The Ken Rhodes Group offer an aluminium frame that will apply a clean, neat finish that requires little maintenance, is protected against issues of swelling and cracking throughout season changes and can be spray painted any colour. If A+ rated windows are used this will improve your home’s energy efficiency on the home buyer’s report, which in turn will make it more attractive to potential buyers and bump up your home’s value.

5. It’s not as expensive as you think With so many options on finishes and design, it’s easy to achieve a high-end look at an affordable price. The Ken Rhodes Group work closely with their customers, getting to know them and therefore what products will be best for their home and bank accounts. They also offer customers finance, allowing them to spread costs over three years, interest free or the ability to join the buy now, pay later scheme. It’s worthwhile working closely with installers so they can get to know you and deliver exactly what it is you are looking for.