Professional Double Glazing Repairs

Are you suffering from underperforming double glazing? Are our windows misted or your doors draughty? Try our double glazing repairs service! We have a wealth of experience, meaning we will locate and fix the problem in a flash.

Our expert teams will work quickly and efficiently, providing you with a professional and respectful service. They will keep the process stress-free, while also ensuring your double glazing repairs offer the best performance.

A home with efficient double glazing is sure to be warmer and more comfortable than one without. Damaged double glazing can also allow pools of water to form, which can reduce the health of the window or door.

A Range of Double Glazing Repairs

Over our years in the industry, our team of experts have been able to refine and perfect their process. Now we can easily accommodate a wide range of repair requests quickly and efficiently. This means that it won’t matter if your home is old or new or if you want one window repaired or five, we’ll be able to help. We can also fix a range of double glazed doors and roofs. We always work in a prompt and respectful manner, so you’ll be able to enjoy your repaired double glazing sooner and easier.

When Does Your Double Glazing Need Repairing?

Some double glazing repairs are put in place for cosmetic reasons, which are at your discretion. However, sometimes double glazing repairs are the only way for you to ensure the safety and comfort of your home. Cosmetic double glazing repairs may include the removal of dents, scratches, or misted glass. However, we are also able to replace broken locks, replace faulty hinges and frames. We can even fix draughty or leaking windows that may lower the comfort of your home.

Double Glazing Repairs: Glass

Due to their modern design, our aluminium windows are able to achieve a standard of thermal efficiency that vastly outclasses their predecessors through polyamide technology. This means that the warmth from your central heating will stay in your property for a longer period of time, allowing you to keep the winter winds at bay while also increasing the potential for a lowered heating cost too as you rely less frequently on your heating to keep your home at the right temperature.

Competitive Prices

We believe that everyone should be able to benefit from high quality, long-lasting home improvements. To make sure that this is the case, we price our products highly competitively. With our affordable costs, there’s one less obstacle between you and your perfect home.

Double Glazing Repairs: Locks

The lock is a key component when it comes to protecting you against any would-be intruders. However, just like any hardware, they can sometimes become worn or loose over years of use. We have experience in a wide range of lock types and installations, so you can rest assured that our double glazing repairs service will be able to cater to the lock that you have. We can also replace or upgrade your lock if you feel you just want to enhance the security of your double glazing.

Double Glazing Repairs: Frames

The aluminium and uPVC products that we offer have been designed to achieve an outstanding level of structural integrity. This means that it is very rare for them to crack or bow out of shape over the years. However, accidents can happen. If you feel that your window or door is underperforming due to a poor frame, it might be time to replace it. When can offer you an exact match for your current product, or if you feel it’s time for a change we can also offer you something new for your home.

Double Glazing Repairs You Can Trust

There is no point in employing a subpar double glazing repairs service who aren’t competent and capable. If anything, they will probably make things worse or create a short-term solution for a long-term problem. However, with The Ken Rhodes Group, you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy all the benefits of a refined and professional service. We pride ourselves on always working in a clean and tidy way, without losing quality or promptness. The only thing we’ll leave behind is a product that works as it should.

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