Industry Leading Composite Doors

All of the composite doors that we offer are manufactured using industry leading designs. This ensures that they provide unrivalled standards of thermal efficiency, security, durability, design, performance, and functionality.

By choosing these doors, you’ll be able to make your home feel warmer, safer, and more comfortable. The combination of premium, high performance materials used in composite doors makes them superior to other options.

As well as offering incredibly practicality, these doors look stunning. Adding one of our composite doors to your home is sure to create instant kerb appeal. With style and performance, you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

The Composite Door Design

Composite doors are manufactured using a range of modern, high quality materials. The doors are cleverly designed to achieve a build that offers the best of each component. Our composite doors use uPVC, timber, and Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) to secure impressive style and functionality. Alongside this, the design effortlessly captures the look of wooden doors, without any of the maintenance setbacks. You can add classic style to your home without the headaches that an outdated design would cause.

A Wide Range of Stunning Composite Doors Colours

Bringing a personal touch to your home is made easy with our comprehensive selection of composite door colours. The spectrum of colours we offer include options inspired by traditional shades, through to modern foils that enable you to create a chicer look. All of the colours that we offer are designed to last the test of time. The application process ensures you get colour that won’t chip, flake or fade. You can rest assured that your new door will continue to offer a fresh, vibrant look for many years to come.

Thermally Efficient Composite Doors

Keep the winter winds at bay with our impressive, efficient composite doors. Due to their intelligent design and expertly placed weatherseals, these doors keep the elements outside, where they belong. This helps to ensure that your home will stay feeling warm, comfortable and welcoming during the colder months. It also means that you could find yourself saving money on your heating costs! This is because you may rely less frequently on your heating to keep your home at the ideal temperature.

Competitive Prices

We believe that everyone should be able to benefit from high quality, long-lasting home improvements. To make sure that this is the case, we price our products highly competitively. With our affordable costs, there’s one less obstacle between you and your perfect home.

Low Maintenance Composite Doors

Although a traditional door design has its benefits, they are often plagued with a range of problems. In the past, these issues have made the upkeep of a door a very time consuming and stressful affair. Our composite doors, however, won’t pose any of these problems! If you install these modern doors, you won’t have to worry about any rotting, warping, cracking, or discolouring when the doors get wet. This means you won’t have to paint or sand them. Instead, all they ever need is a wipe with a damp cloth.

Professionally Installed Composite Doors

Our expert teams are well versed when it comes to installing our composite doors. That is why when you choose to improve your home with us, you’ll enjoy a service that is of the highest calibre. Our fitting teams will be matchlessly professional, reliable, efficient and prompt. They will show complete respect for your time and your home. The process will be simple and straightforward, allowing you to enjoy your new addition sooner. With The Ken Rhodes Group, creating your dream home is never a nightmare.

Highly Secure Composite Doors

The use of premium grade materials, high security locks, and a solid timber core enables our composite doors to achieve an impressive standard of security. When we install these doors, we are creating added protection for your home. The efficient security features work to keep any potential intruders out of your home. The multipoint locking systems that we offer are expertly integrated into the frame. This ensures that they can’t be used as a potential point of leverage to compromise the door’s integrity.

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