Black Slimline Aliminium Installation

Aluminium Windows

If you are replacing your existing critical windows or prefer the slimline look our top of the range BSI certified premium plus aluminium double glazed windows are perfect for you. They not only beautiful looking and environmentally friendly but have also been certified to have an ‘A’ rating in energy efficiency meaning you could save money on your heating bills.

Aluminium double glazed windows offer strength, durability and are highly resistant to rust and corrosion. They provide slim-lines, more glass area and less visible frame. Our aluminium windows are a premium product, are maintenance free and built to last.

Another benefit of aluminium is the ability for your windows to be coloured any of over 200 different RAL colours. You can even have your windows manufactured to have different colours inside and out. Our Aluminium Products are painted in a polyester powder coat finish, which is baked on for a tough and resilient paint finish that will not flake or fade over time.

  • Our certified ‘A’ rated aluminium products could help you save on your heating bills by ensuring you lose no heat through the glass or frames
  • Our aluminium windows come with high security modern shoot bolt locking ensuring the security of your property
  • Polyamide thermally broken, for high thermal efficiency
  • Complies with Doc. L of building regulations