The quality of products and overall packages can vary considerably. Hopefully the following will give you an indication of what to look out for when obtaining quotes. The difference between the products companies can offer and their quality can be vast. Research from consumer protection groups such as ‘Which?’ has shown the common misconception amongst the public is the larger the company the better the product. Always ensure you view first hand either a sample of product or request to see a previous installation. Also ensure the company has showrooms you can visit to enable you to view their products. What to look for when viewing the product: • Security – are the windows internally glazed? External glazed windows are a burglars dream • Are the transom bars below the fan lights welded? If not mechanically joined, then it’s a cheaply produced window • Insulation values – Is the actual window frame itself without the glass energy ‘A’ rated? • Did the company demonstrate with a heat lamp the ‘A’ rated glass? • Will you get an independent BFRC energy rated ‘A’ certificate on compensation of works? • Guarantees – Is the guarantee for ten or fifteen years? And deposits insurance backed? • Do you receive an independent insurance back guarantee from a recognised body like the CPA? Please be aware your FENSA certificate isn’t an insurance guarantee • Are the sealed units included for the duration of the guarantee? The British public are renowned for politeness with their manners which pushy salesmen have been known to us to their advantage. They also often employ dishonest selling tactics by offering so call fantastic offers such as: • “If you order now we can knock off ‘X’ amount” • “Just let me phone my manager to get you a discount” • “We can give you ‘X’ amount off for a show house if we can leave an advert board behind” • “We can do you a better deal if we put your order through as trade or commercial deal” • “You are in luck, to get our figures for the month then an order now will be ‘X’ discount”. As is usually the case, the so called discount has been secretly added on to the quote at the start Hopefully the above gives you a guide regarding what to look out for regarding quality and service. If you have any further questions, please contact us as we will be only happy to help on 01708 227777.