Toughened Safety Glass

We install toughened safety glass as standard for all our full-height window panels and all windows within 80cm of the floor. You can also choose to have it throughout your home so if something breaks your glass it will simply shatter into small, virtually harmless fragments

‘A’ Rated Glass

If you want to keep your home as warm and energy-efficient as possible then our high performance low emission double glazed units will help you to achieve this. The energy efficient glass retains heat and keeps your heating bills down.

Security Glass

For a combination of warmth and security, security glass combines the heat-retaining elements of our standard sealed units with specially reinforced elements which make it almost impossible to break through. The outer pane is made of laminated glass, two pieces of glass bonded together by an interlayer of plastic film, for maximum strength and resistance

Acoustic Glass

If you have severe noise problems, or if you just want your home to be a haven of tranquillity, acoustic glass combines the heat-retaining elements of our regular sealed unit with special soundproofing elements designed to reduce sound by up to 39 db.

Obscure Glass

Protecting your privacy needn’t mean compromising on style with obscure glass. Available in a variety of attractive patterns, this glass will keep prying eyes out while leaving your home looking beautiful and welcoming.

Decorative Glass

To add an inspiring and individual touch to your windows we offer a range of decorative glass such as leaded lights, coloured leaded lights and bevelled glass.

Self Cleaning

The ultimate in low-maintenance, self-cleaning glass has a special outer coating that reacts with sunlight to break down the dirt. It then spreads rainwater out across the pane, washing dirt away. It doesn’t leave any droplet marks either